Il ritorno dal Viaggio

The return from the Journey Il Viaggio verso le mie Consapevolezze più profonde è iniziato dieci anni fa quando la mia quinta essenza mi ha chiamato e ho lasciato andare tutto quello che avevo costruito in 48 anni per partire nella solitudine per conoscere e vivere nuove realtà, nuove persone e nuove Consapevolezze. Ho sempreContinua a leggere “Il ritorno dal Viaggio”


I made my first trip outside the European continent in 1991, at the age of twenty-five, thanks to a group of friends from Mantua and thanks to Walter and Maurizio who opened up a world to me, the world of travellers. Maurizio was a veteran of travels in North-West Africa, a true guide for theContinua a leggere “AFRICA 1991”


MURALES E VETRINE The first drawing I made for a sign dates back to 1978. I was 13 years old and in those days families sent their children to summer camps to go on vacation by the sea for a month. Our colony was at Pinnarella di Cervia on the Adriatic. During the holiday period,Continua a leggere “MURALES and SHOP WINDOWS”

La mia ultima esibizione da fumettista GAV e Bonfa al Bonvi Parken

My last performance as a cartoonist GAV and Bonfa at Bonvi Parken In 2010 I relaunched myself in the creation of a new free press to be distributed in the Mantua area with the same idea as when I created my first free press in 1995, the unforgettable Strips Magazine. (see article) 2013 was theContinua a leggere “La mia ultima esibizione da fumettista GAV e Bonfa al Bonvi Parken”


CARLO IL VAMPIRO Charles the Vampire is a humorous version of the vampire out of the ordinary narrative canons of these creatures. Charles is the undisputed king of the dimension that houses his kingdom, a dimension that can only be accessed through a dimensional mirror. This dimension is in contact with planet Earth due toContinua a leggere “CHARLES THE VAMPYRE”


Il primo free press di informazione e fumetti in Italia The first free press of information and comics in Italy In 1997 I had the idea of ​​publishing a free press distributing it in bars, clubs and shops in the city of Mantua and in the various municipalities of the province. The magazine was basicallyContinua a leggere “STRIPS MAGAZINE”